Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wednesday Whoopty-Doo


So first off thanks to @MrBrandonStroud over at With Leather for putting that thing I wrote a couple days ago into the Tuesday Morning Links. If you click on that then me and that site are TOTALLY EVEN STEVENS. Anyway here's this week's Best and Worst of WWE RAW from them, as well as Drew's Funbag from over at Deadspin. I read those two articles every Tuesday like clockwork. Still wondering when some pro wrestling dongshots are gonna show up in one or the other. THE WINNER SHALL HAVE A STRAWBERRY!

New Shit On Netflix Instant Watch Today Watch It Or Don't

Blame It On Rio -- Starring Demi Moore's boobs and some other people.
Blue Mountain State: Season 3 -- I love this show. If you haven't seen it, I know it looks dumb, and almost everyone I know at college watches it because it's "wooo college football/drinking/sex/wooo" but it gets pretty satirical on the subculture surrounding college athletics and honestly, it's not that far-fetched.
Cashback -- Hooooooly crap watch this British movie. If you like boobs, there are boobs. This is a really fun, quirky movie.
Duck Soup -- I've watched this movie every week for six months. It is the best.

Take everything shitty you want to say about this movie or Hollywood's obsession with existing properties or whatever I DON'T GIVE A FART(told mom I'd clean up the site). The original show this movie is based on had a pre-Tim Burton Johnny Depp and it was RAD AS SHIT.

If I had readers I would like to attempt a mailbag column. I know lots of other sites do it, and far better, but whatever. THIS IS THE INTERNET, AND I WILL STEAL ALL THE GOOD IDEAS OF SUCCESSFUL BLOGS OR I WILL DIE TRYING. Well, die is a strong word. I will stay unmotivated and play Skyrim trying? That works.

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Have a day.

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