Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Links

When I am not lazy I'm going to link to specific articles I've read and enjoyed that are current. I will try to do this every day but like I said...effort. I will also only be updating this site in the evenings and overnight. That's the hours I'm awake. What do you care I haven't even launched the site yet. I didn't even give Jon the address and I bug the shit out of him about everything.

Best & Worst: WWE TLC (With Leather)  With Leather is my new favorite Uproxx site again, now that I don't like the new direction of Warming Glow (cool white people problems Dave). This guy does a great fill-in for Brandon.

9 Most Likely Reasons You've Been Unfollowed (Cracked) I fucking hate following people on Twitter. I mean real people. I like following famous people, especially comedians. Real people are the drizzling shits.

NYU Professor Fired For Giving James Franco a D (FilmDrunk) Just take your stupid D and your stupid degree idiot. You bought the exact same degree you coulda gotten at any anonymous liberal arts college in the country. Might as well put University of Phoenix-Online on your resume. Right next to Pacific Blue.

Usually I'll do five links but this is all I read so far today. Who cares. I have a Fantasy NBA draft in half an hour. It's way more important.

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