Monday, December 19, 2011


Welcome to what I hope is a multimedia platform for me and the dumb words I want to say. Blogging, podcasting, ALL OF IT. I would love it if you were reading/experiencing this site on a tablet while in the shitter. That would really make my day.

I'll post a lot of suggestions for Netflix's Instant Watch titles. They don't pay me I just like the service and I try to keep up with new streaming titles, and pass those on. I also get asked a lot for documentary suggestions (if you haven't seen The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, stop everything until you have), so there will be plenty of those.

If there's a reason you're wondering why the site looks like garbage, it's because I did it all myself. It adds charm. My vanity only extends so far.

@KillPrint on Twitter

p.s. f you Bioware for releasing Star Wars: The Old Republic when you know I only have one semester of college left

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