Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Links and such

I skipped a day. I also bought Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yeah. It's been installing/patching for 7 hours now and only another 5.94GB to go. I only had one semester until graduation, too. I gave my WoW account to my girlfriend. I even handed over the authenticator. She has a bunch of people at work she can play with and I happened to have a few hundred gold on that server so what the heck. In case you're still reading here's some links:

Best/Worst of WWE RAW 12/26 (With Leather) I used to write for a mid-sized "Wrestling Opinion Board" (we'd call those blogs now) with this guy Brandon back like a decade ago. After being part of that Funhouse sports creation he's now the editor at a site I had already been reading, while I am a 32-year-old college senior. The moral here is that if you want to be a writer, keep writing.

11 Overlooked Deaths of 2011 (Cracked) I love to read this list every year. Also, my homepage is Wikipedia's Recent Deaths, so, maybe I'm weird. Or...MAYBE I just like to be on the cutting edge of important obituaries? Eh? Ehhhh? #imweird

The Year In Swag (A/V Club) I had not seen this article when I decided to start this pop culture+sports+asshole opinions blog but now I at least have something to strive for. Oh hey if you're under 25 this is what swag means so stop using it in every fucking sentence and hashtag because you're starting to sound like Smurfs.

We're at 5.66GB left on the download. I'm so pumped for this game. I love Star Wars. I was checking out the action figures at Wal-Mart earlier and holy shit. $8.96 for a regular Star Wars toy. No, really. That's a WAL-MART PRICE. And it's the same basic 3.75" figure they've ALWAYS SOLD. One person, one or two accessories like a lightsaber or gun, the end. They also had General Grievous masks and spinning lightsabers. Forget arthritis, this is the worst part of getting older.

Have a day.

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